Latest Windows 10 Update Fixes Store Access Issues

Latest Windows 10 Update Fixes Store Access Issues

Less than a month after launching Windows 10, Microsoft has dropped its third cumulative update for the new OS. While little detail has been given about this round of updates, what we do know is that it does fix a Windows Store issue. Here’s what the company has to say.

The new update package is called KB3081438 and while Microsoft’s support page provides very little information about what it actually does, a company spokesperson did give ZDNet some details.

The update, according to a Microsoft spokesperson, is to fix an issue with Windows 10 which stopped a number of users from accessing Windows Store which meant they were unable to get new apps or update existing ones. Some people couldn’t even use basic apps like Mail and Calendar.

If you are one of those Windows 10 users that has issues with accessing the Windows Store, this update may be the answer to your problems. Instructions on how to download and install the updates are on Microsoft’s support page.

[Via ZDNet]