Great Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Dad

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching — which means you’re going to have to fork out for a pressie of some sort. If your progenitor is a rugged outdoorsman, or just partial to a bit of “glamping”, these gift ideas will help to put a smile on his grizzled dial. To make life easy, we’ve also included links to where you can buy the products online. So get shopping! Your old man deserves it.

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Camelbak Groove Water Bottle: $34.99

Nothing says “the great outdoors” like sipping pristine water from a cool bushland stream. Unfortunately, this “pristine” water could be crawling with microbes that have the potential to make your dad violently ill. Camelbak Groove is a water bottle equipped with a carbon filter straw that removes 99.999 per cent of water impurities. Buy it here.

Foldable Solar Panel Charger For Smartphones: $32

When you go out camping, at some point your smartphone’s battery is going to die. It’s usually at this point that the drop bears make their attack. In emergencies like these, your dad is going to need some juice to call the authorities. The Foldable Solar Panel Charger from Kogan will ensure his phone is perpetually charged. (Unless there’s an eclipse, of course.) Buy it here.

Portable 7 LED bright Head Lamp: $14.96

If your dad likes to hike or cycle in the dark, he’s going to need to see where he’s going. This head lamp is a cheap, affordable solution that also allows him to keep his hands free. It will make your dad will look like a total berk and blind the rest of the family whenever he looks at them, but at least he’ll be able to whittle a stick while bush walking. Buy it here.

United By Blue Bison Down Socks: $51

$51 for a pair of socks? That’s crazy talk! But wait, there’s a reason why these particular ankle-warmers are so expensive. In short, they’re manufactured from buffalo undercoat/down, which is softer and warmer than wool. It’s also better for moisture control, more durable and easier to care for. With a flat toe seam, reinforced heel and padding for support, it’s an ideal gift for hiker dads. Plus, it’s revenge for all those socks he got you for Christmas. Buy it here.

KOMBO 4-in-1 Fishing Tool: $42.95

If your dad enjoys fishing, this four-in-one multitool will help him to get his tackle box under control. It combines four fishing necessities into a single package: a bonker (for disptaching larger fish) a filet knife, a gut scooper and a sharpener. Best of all, it floats which means your dad won’t lose his bonker if it falls overboard — even if he’s had a few beers. Buy it here.

Lifeproof nuud iPad Case: $129

Some people prefer to go camping sans technology in a bid to “unplug” and get in touch with nature. These people are idiots. If your dad is cut from a more sensible cloth, he’s going to want a Lifeproof nuud for his iPad. This is a ruggedised tablet case that’s designed to survive everything from off road driving to skiing, hiking and swimming. (Click here to see it in action.) Buy it here.

Komodo 2-in-1 Tent LED Camping Fan: $19

If your dad is a keen camper, we’re going to assume he already has a tent. This nifty light/fan combo will make his makeshift shelter feel just like home. It comes equipped with 18 LED lights encircling a blade fan that will help to circulate air in the tent’s stuffy interior. The handle also sports a built-in hook so you can hang it from your tent.

Nemo Cosmo Air Lite 20R Sleeping Mattress: $179.95

Preferring to sleep comfortably doesn’t make you a “glamper” — if our spines were meant to lay on the cold, hard ground we wouldn’t have invented beds. The Nemo Cosmo Air Lite 20R Sleeping Mattress is one of the softest options on the market. Best of all, it packs down small enough to suit even the lightest of backpackers and adds considerable warmth. With all that said, real men sleep on rocks and your dad should be ashamed of himself. Buy it here.

Leatherman Tread: $394

The Leatherman Tread is a wearable multi-tool that includes everything from a screwdriver to a box wrench. It’s basically a Swiss Army Knife you wear on your wrist. The tool is particularly suited to outdoor adventurers thanks to the inclusion of a cutting hook, bottle opener, glass breaker and oxygen tank wrench. On the downside, it kind of looks like rapper bling-bling; a style that not many dads can pull off. Buy it here.

Anyone got a better suggestion? We want to hear about it in the comments!

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