Genius Finds Song Lyrics, Helps Explain A Song's Meaning

Genius Finds Song Lyrics, Helps Explain a Song's Meaning

Android/iOS: You can find song lyrics on dozens of sites with varying levels of pop-up ads all over the internet. Genius, on the other hand, not only gives you song lyrics but helps break down what those lyrics mean.

The service previously went by the name Rap Genius, although it's now expanded to all musical genres. It's been available on the web and iOS for a while, and now the company has released a brand new Android app. Even if you're just looking for song lyrics, Genius is a much nicer experience than most sites that barrage you with ads. You can also explore user-contributed explanations about a song's meaning and discuss them with others right from the song's page.

Genius [Google Play Store via Android Police] Genius [iTunes App Store]


    The app used to be dreadful but has really come leaps and bounds recently. MuisXmatch is another good one if lyrics are your thing.

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