Determine How Many Seats Your Living Room Needs With This Equation

Determine How Many Seats You Should Have In Your Living Room with This Equation

When you have people over at your place, it's nice if everyone has a place to sit that isn't the floor. This basic home design rule of thumb will help you figure out how many comfortable seats you should aim for having in your living room.

Photo by Mike Fisher.

Have you ever had people over for dinner and a movie, then ended up on the floor because you don't enough places to sit? Taryn Willford at Apartment Therapy suggests a simple equation, based on home designer Elaine Griffin's rule, to avoid that problem next time:

# of Living Room seats ≥ # of Dining Room seats

If your dining room table has room for five, shoot for having five comfortable places to sit in your living room. That might mean a couch that seats three with a couple of lounge chairs, or maybe a larger couch that sits four with a recliner off to the side. Obviously, smaller homes will have a harder time with this rule, but you might be able to just turn your dining chairs around and use the same seats.

How Many Seats Should Your Living Room Have? [Apartment Therapy]


    My dining table has 8 seats, and I only have 3 friends.

    # Couch Seats > # Friends is a much more appropriate equation.

    Besides, if you had 0 couch seats, you can still use each and every one of the dining room chairs in the living room - the opposite is not true. Therefore:

    # Couch Seats = I fed everyone, so sit on the floor as far as I care

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