Turn Your Old T-Shirts Into A Memory Blanket, No Sewing Required

Turn Your Old T-Shirts Into A Memory Blanket, No Sewing Required

Instead of tossing all of those t-shirts that get frayed or don’t fit you anymore, why not turn them into a blanket comprised of memories? You don’t even have to sew it together.

Getting rid of some t-shirts can be tough sometimes. Maybe you have a great collection of shirts you got from various band tours, or maybe you have t-shirts that remind you of past teams you were a part of. Instructables user Dhopp1 explains an easy method for holding on to those memories while still getting some utility from them.

You can construct a no-sew blanket with nothing more than some cardboard, a pair of scissors and some time on your hands. You probably won’t be able to toss it in the washer, but there are other ways to keep delicate things like this clean. For complete instructions, check out the link below.

How to Make a No-Sew T-Shirt Blanket [Instructables]


  • This seems like so much more effort than just going round to your mum’s house (or your one crafty friend or whoever), borrowing their sewing machine and taking two minutes to work out how to get it to stitch in a straight line. You can work a computer, for pete’s sake. A sewing machine is not that difficult.

    • But what if you’re not talking to you mum cause she wont let your boyfriend visit and you’re grounded and you need to find something to do while you’re locked away in you emo bedroom?

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