Speed Up Your Next DIY Project With A Proper Sorting System

Mason jars and shoeboxes are no way to store the random nuts, bolts and screws we accumulate over time. Invest in proper organisers before your next DIY project, and you’ll save time and trips to the hardware store.

Of course, not everyone has the budget to invest in Adam Savage’s Sortimo system shown in the video above (we can dream), but there are plenty of alternatives that will help you organise your workshop and keep your hardware in easy an easy to reach location.

This top-rated organiser from Stanley provides 25 compartments to hold plenty of screws, washers and bolts. It’s stackable and the clear top makes it easy to identify exactly what you need.

For an on-the-go organiser that is durable enough to withstand the rigours of travelling in the back of a truck or thrown in your car, check out these hardware organisers from Milwaukee and this one from DeWalt. They don’t have nearly as many compartments as the Stanley but the compartments are removable and the latches are durable and won’t “pop” open. When searching for a travel organiser you want one that also won’t leak between the compartments when turned on its side or upside down.

Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Tool Boxes [Tested]


  • Pretty cool. Not as expensive as I thought from the way he’s talking about it. One tray with assorted inserts is about $60, and a four-drawer housing about $290. That does mean that the stack behind Jamie would set you back about $3000, though.

    For comparison (and because the article is not localised), the Stanley organiser linked to above is about $35-40 in Australia (Kogan) and looks to be a pretty good alternative. Anyone who needs this could probably make a rack for them out of MDF anyway.

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