Mount Jars Below Shelves For Space-Saving DIY Hardware Storage

Here's a clever way to store nuts, bolts, screws and other small hardware pieces while saving counter space. The system uses glass jars with the jar caps nailed to the ceiling or wood frame so the jars can be screwed into them.

This DIY nuts and bolts system also makes it easy to see and find small parts. (You might want to screw the lids to the wood frame instead of nailing them, however, just in case).

DIY nuts and bolts storage system [Mario Sanchez Carrion]


    Handymen have been doing this for probably the last 100 years - not really cutting edge

      I believe the original article was from some Mexican. I believe they only just got jars in Mexico.

      I could also be completely wrong.

    Have to agree with Peter. My grandfather had this setup in his garage decades ago.. great idea though

    Hmmm this is very similar to the 'magnetising the spice rack' idea.

    True, this hack isn't new (no self-respecting grand father would store his nails any other way), but it's good to see old tricks are still useful.

    it's new to me. shows what kind of a handy man i am (which is, that I'm not!)

    My grandfather had this while I was growing up...was always a source of wonder for me.

    Its really easy to smash the jars if you're not careful. I think slide-out shelving is preferable.

    This HAS been around forever. Crafty people are looking to the past to try and be clever. Ask you can learn a lot from him.

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