Defence Jobs Spotlight: Security Police Officer, Logistics Officer, Personnel Capability Officer

Logistics, training and security — these are all activities you could be undertaking with one of these roles in the Air Force. Keep reading to find out more.

Security Police Officer

What’s cool about this job? Managing and planning for security risk management, security operations, law enforcement and investigations are just a small part of what this exciting career will offer.

As a RAAF Security Police Officer you will be responsible for the command, leadership and management of Security Police under your command. Other responsibilities include military law enforcement, security risk management, protective security measures in support of air power and emergency response for major incidents such as aircraft crashes and physical threats to Air Force assets.

You may be employed as:

  • A Base Security Officer on a RAAF Base responsible for the management of base security resources and the Base Security Flight/Section. This might include Military Working Dog and Security and Law Enforcement personnel, supervision of Ground Defence Training staff and oversight of contracted access control.
  • A specialist staff officer at higher level headquarters in Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Canberra
  • An officer working in a non-specialist area
  • An officer working within the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $77,850 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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Logistics Officer

What’s cool about this job? As a Logistics Officer, you could find yourself responsible for the acquisition, sustainment and support of modern and valuable equipment vital to Air Force capability.

The Logistics Officer specialisation is extraordinarily broad and offers a range of exciting and challenging professional experiences. Logistics is a key component of Air Force capability, integral to the mounting and sustainment of operations, and enables what is operationally possible.

You’ll be required to plan, establish, coordinate, maintain and manage logistics support and supply chain activities that contribute to capability and operations support in aerospace and joint military operations. You may also be responsible for the supervision and management of airmen and airwomen from the Supply, Movements and Cook musterings or civilian and/or contractor staff. Additionally, you will frequently liaise with members of the other services, foreign services, contractors, and civilians within the broader Australian Defence Force.

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $77,850 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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Personnel Capability Officer

What’s cool about this job? As a Personnel Capability Officer you could be employed in a range of roles within the Air Force and the wider Australian Defence Force. One of the most common jobs for junior Personnel Capability Officers is to be a Unit Staff Officer Personnel, however, this would only be a part of a diverse and challenging career. A few of the roles a Personnel Capability Officer can enjoy throughout their career are:

Staff Officer Personnel
You’ll be one of the Unit executives with a wide variety of responsibilities including human resource and complex case management, information and knowledge management, internal and external corporate communication, financial budgeting, reporting and governance tasks. In operational units, you are not only responsible for ensuring Unit personnel are trained and ready for operational deployment but their welfare (as well as their families) is well looked after.

You will work closely with support specialists, such as Service chaplains, doctors, psychologists and social workers while providing support to Unit members. You will often work directly to the Unit’s Commanding Officer providing not only specialist advice but you and your staff will have key roles in maintaining the Unit’s information and financial accountability.

Personnel Operations
Personnel Operations roles are primarily concerned with identifying, preparing and supporting personnel from across the Air Force or the wider ADF to deploy on operations. You will ensure the right people are deployed at the right time. There are opportunities to work in the Personnel Operations domain across a number of levels of command and within a tri-service environment.

You may also be involved in both long-term and short-notice planning for large-scale military operations or humanitarian crisis situations.

Strategic Communication
Personnel Capability Officers are commonly involved in planning and executing internal and external communication strategies. You may work in public relations and manage a number of high-level events and community engagement activities not just for your unit or base but also on the national stage. There are growing opportunities in media liaison and public affairs as well as social media and website content management.

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $77,850 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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