Defence Jobs Spotlight: Air Force Security, Motor Transport Driver, Ground Defence Officer

Love training others? Keen for a hands on role? Interested in security and defence? These jobs might fit the bill — keep reading to find out more about what a career as an Air Force Security, Motor Transport Driver or Ground Defence Officer will give you.

Air Force Security

What’s cool about this job? Security operations, emergency management and employment of military working dogs are just a small part of what this exciting career will offer you.

You’ll belong to the Force Protection and Discipline family within Air Force and may be involved in direct combat roles. You will be employed within a Security Forces Squadron. Initial training includes security fundamentals, security governance and military working dog handling.

You will then be posted to a unit where you will undertake further competency based training in the workplace spanning the first 18 months, including investigation and investigation management, MWD and explosive detector dog handling, security risk management and planning and emergency management.

You main duties upon competition of training will include protective security — protection of personnel, physical assets and classified information, employment of MWDs — security patrols, intruder detection and apprehension and employment of EDDs — explosives detection. You will also be responsible for emergency response for incidents and accidents including aircraft and motor vehicle accidents, traffic and crowd control and detainee and prisoner of war handling.

Protective security surveys and reviews, security risk management and threat assessment, operational security planning and security governance, compliance and investigation are also part of this role.

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $72,496 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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Motor Transport Driver

What’s cool about this job? Forget the ordinary transport company job, this part time position will see you driving a wide variety of specialised vehicles and transporting a wide variety of goods.

You’ll provide driving support within all areas of operations. You’ll be trained in one of the RAAF operational units which may include expeditionary and in-situ combat support squadrons, logistics operational support units, combat support hospitals, maintenance or flying squadrons, wings and higher command headquarters. You may also be employed to undertake driving instructor duties.

You will be employed in core driver duties involving the operation of specialist vehicles, including aircraft refuelling tankers, runway sweepers, forklifts and the transport and storage of explosive ordnance and hazardous stores.

You will be required to develop the specialised Ground Defence skills and knowledge needed to perform your duties in an operational environment. You will also be required to undergo specialist training in order to carry out general driving duties, aircraft refuelling and motor transport operations.

How much does it pay? Part-time rate upon completion of training is $178 per day(includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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Ground Defence Officer

What’s cool about this job? Leadership, responsibility, planning and coordination — as a Ground Defence Officer you will be responsible for the defence and security of the airbase during times of increased threat.
Your duty will be to defend Air Force airfields, assets and personnel from ground attack. Training will reflect both your peace and wartime role in security operations. Your major operational role within an Airfield Defence Squadron will be on deployed operations. The major focus when posted outside of the operational environment is the effective training of Air Force personnel in core military skills.

On graduation from training, you will normally command a Rifle Flight in an Airfield Defence Squadron at Amberley in QLD. You will be responsible for commanding and leading the 30 personnel in the Rifle Flight who are specialists in the ground defence of airfields and other security tasks.

After the first posting, your duties will change from leading a Rifle Flight in the field to training and organising.

You might be a Base Ground Defence Officer who may be responsible for planning the conduct of operations and training exercises in conjunction with unit executives, advising base commanders on ground defence policy, training base personnel to defend Air Force assets in accordance with ground defence policy and the Base Defence Plan and more.

Or you could be an Instructor with:

  • The RAAF Security and Fire School at RAAF Base Amberley, QLD which is responsible for the initial and post-graduate training of Airfield Defence Guards
  • The Combat Survival Training School at RAAF Base Townsville, North QLD who is responsible for the provision of training to ADF and international aircrew and selected ground personnel in personal survival skills in a combat situation
  • The Officer Training School, RAAF Base East Sale, VIC, who is responsible for the conduct of core military skills training to all officer trainees
  • or

  • No. 1 Recruit Training Unit, RAAF Base Wagga, NSW, who is responsible for the conduct of specialist training (Ground Defence, Fire Training, Medical and Physical Fitness) aspects during initial training of all airmen/airwomen recruits

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $71,013 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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