Slice Vegetables Quickly With A Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter isn't a replacement for good knife skills and a sharp knife, but this is a pretty handy tip.

Maybe you're in a hurry and not so good with a knife or maybe you're just playing sous chef to someone who's already got the good knife. Whatever the case, if there's a pizza cutter nearby, you have another option.

How to Cut Vegetables Like a Pro [HouseholdHacker]


    Looks like it would take just about as long unless like in the video, you are chopping in slow mo.

    Given how slow the person in the video appeared to cut - and with a horrible technique, I might add - I'd say that anyone with a decent chef's knife should be able to slice faster, with more control & with a better consistency than someone using the pizza cutter.

    Only exception I could imagine would be dicing herbs up to be incredibly fine & even then if you're going to buy a "shortcut" tool for that then you're better-off using a proper mezzaluna chopper.

    Man, I do it 10 times faster with a knife. BTW, real pizza cutter looks very different.

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