Microsoft Site Guesses Your Age From A Photo, Demonstrates Machine Learning

Here's a nifty demonstration of machine learning: upload a photo to and it will guess your age.

Frankly I'm flattered that the site guessed I was two years younger than I actually am. Above, you can see its guess for the age of Doctor Who actor Tom Baker, who was 75 at the time of this photo. I don't suppose he'll mind.

There's a more detailed explanation of how the site works on Microsoft's machine learning blog. [via Business Insider]


    My 7 week old son is apparently a 3 year old girl. I don't know how I'll explain that to the wife...

    Seriously though, all other tests are pretty accurate for me - Mostly correct gender give or take a couple of years.

    Wife, niece, myself - multiple pictures, all about 5 yrs older than we are.

    I turned out to be 17 years older in 1 picture and 3 years older in another, Not as bad as my poor wife who was 18 years older than she really is (don't think i will tell her that though) also picked my son to be 13 when he is 7 and my youngest was 3 which is actually spot on.

    It pegged me as 57 and 52 (I'm 40). Then in another it pegged me as 38. Seems fairly random.

    And now you have all added your faces to a database for facial recognition for the NSA

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