Build A DIY Outdoor Shower To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Build A DIY Outdoor Shower To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

An outdoor shower may seem like a bit of a sauna-style luxury, but it’s much more practical. With a bit of woodworking and plumbing know-how, you can build one in your own backyard.

Outdoor showers provide quick relief from hot and muggy days, and there’s just something liberating about washing oneself in the open (semi-enclosed) air.

The above video shows how they to build a freestanding outdoor shower using cedar boards for structure and panels, pressure-treated lumber for the base (to resist decay), and 1 x 1 concrete blocks for the footings. Other details include a sliding door using pocket door hardware and various decorative caps to protect the end grain from taking on moisture.

The follow-up video explains a bit more about the design and layout to balance the need for openness while maintaining privacy.

The video suggests avoiding any rigid connections with the plumbing as a wood outdoor shower can tend to shift and expand. Running a splitter from a nearby garden hose as the water source avoids the mess of tapping into a home plumbing system.

DIY Outdoor Shower [Cottage Life DIY (YouTube)]


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