Windows 10 Release Likely By End Of July

Windows 10 Release Likely By End Of July

Earlier this year, Microsoft said Windows 10 would be out by the end of the US summer, which made it likely we’d see it before September. The latest evidence suggests it could land as soon as July.

Tech blog TweakTown notes that during its recent quarterly earnings call, processor manufacturer AMD said that it expected the “Windows 10 launch at the end of July”. That would fit Microsoft’s announced timescale, though it’s at the early end of the date range.

We won’t have to wait too long for confirmation. Microsoft’s Build conference for developers, which takes place in San Francisco next week, is likely to see further announcements around Windows 10 release plans.

AMD reveals Microsoft will most likely launch Windows 10 in July [TweakTown via Business Insider]


  • I’m genuinely excited about the release of Windows 10.

    I’ve traditionally been a Linux guy, but Windows 7 showed that Microsoft are capable of producing a robust, integrated and relatively efficient operating system with excellent hardware support. Windows 8 showed trimmed some of the fat and became even more lightweight, but the poor integration and obsession with the Metro interface ruined it for me.

    Hopefully Windows 10 will be the best of both worlds – a traditional desktop OS with the speed and lightness of Windows 8.

    Dave Cutler should be very proud of where the NT Kernel has ended up.

  • Am I the only person whose windows key and right click keyboard key no longer works in 8.1?

    • Yes. Which must suck considering Windows 8 was the first version of the OS that ever managed to justify the existence of the Windows Key.

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