Windows 10 Will Be Out By The End Of August

Windows 10 Will Be Out By The End Of August

We’re expecting Windows 10 to be released this year, but Microsoft is yet to specify a precise launch date. It does look certain that it will be out by the end of August, however.

At the WinHEC hardware conference in Shenzen this week, Microsoft said that Windows 10 would be out by “this summer”. In a northern hemisphere context, that suggests it will be out no later than the end of August.

That would give hardware vendors plenty of time to bundle Windows 10 on new computers for the Christmas market. It would also mean new phones running Windows 10 would beat the likely release of the next generation of iPhones in the final quarter of the year.


  • Smart move, especially since Intel’s Skylake processors and Surface 4 are due out then, hopefully.

  • Correction: I’d actually say the end of September. Remember North America is a little weird and they don’t measure their seasons like us. While we change seasons at the start of the month (so September 1st is the start of Spring), they change their seasons at the solstices and equinoxes. So the end of Summer for them is around September 23rd this year.

  • Didn’t I read an article on gizmodo/lifehacker yestday saying it would be out in Autumn? The end of August is virtually Spring!

  • Some marketeers still don’t realise there are other countries besides America. A lot of them create movie trailers.

    “Coming to a cinema near you this fall…”

  • who cares if its august or september. i just cant wait for it to come out officially.

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