For Richer Scrambled Eggs, Use Sour Cream Instead Of Milk

For Richer Scrambled Eggs, Use Sour Cream Instead Of Milk

Rich, melt-in-your-mouth scrambled eggs are a decadent treat. Next time you’re in the mood for creamy eggs, simply replace the milk with sour cream.

Photo by Ewan Munro

This tip comes from Chicago-based Executive Chef Justin Ferguson. He tells Refinery29:

When you beat your eggs for scrambled eggs, add sour cream instead of milk to the egg mixture. This makes them creamy and richer without diluting the eggs’ bright, yellow colour.

Sour cream will offer a different taste, and all it requires is a simple replacement.

Oh, I know — this isn’t the healthiest of meals. But we all enjoy the occasional indulgence. If you like creamy eggs, and you like sour cream, try this simple swap next time you’re looking to feed a craving. For more expert tips, check out the full post at the link below.

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