Ease Muscle Tightness And Give Yourself A Massage With A Foam Roller

Whether you’ve just run a marathon or just have tight muscles, a foam roller could be your new best friend. These exercise tools are like the /”Poor man’s massage therapist”, working out any tension or knots your body might have.

The video above from KineticFitness is an old one, but it highlights at least five ways you can use a foam roller on your hips, thighs, back, and even your inside groin (it’s SFW, but you might feel a little uncomfortable watching that part).

If you want to do your hamstrings and calves, here’s another video.

This is the foam roller I got, by the way, which is huge but firm. Foam rolling really hurts at first, but, like deep tissue massage, you feel better afterwards. It’s a good idea to stretch after foam rolling.

Top 5 Foam Roller Exercises [YouTube]


  • Biggest tip I can give is make sure it’s a proper roller/ball – it needs to be pretty solid. Many people try doing their backs with tennis balls and they’re just too soft to be effective.

    Also be prepared for this to really hurt – at least the first few times. But you will notice seriously increased movement and quicker recovery if used correctly. The release you feel afterwards makes it all worthwhile.

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