Vodafone Red Roaming Is Now Free On Some Plans

Vodafone's $5 a day roaming option is one of the better choices if you're travelling overseas and want to keep your phone number. If you're on one of Vodafone's more expensive Red plans, you now won't have to pay that $5 daily fee to use it.

Vodafone announced today that customers on its $100 and $130 Red plans will receive the roaming deal free of charge if they're on a 24-month contract. If you're a frequent traveller, that could be a very handy saving.


    Signed up to Vodafone $80 red plan in October. Upgraded my $80 plan to $100 plan in December to take advantage of this offer. Made it very clear that I wanted to be sure the deal would apply to me. Was told by customer rep "that is fine, of course it is ok & you qualify". Website seemed to corroborate.

    Every month I had to call Vodafone to get them to deduct the $5 roaming fees I picked up while travelling.

    This month I was put through to "customer resolutions" who said "the information you got in December was a mistake, you didn't qualify since you already were a Vodafone customer. So now we're going to charge you."

    So they are basically deal breakers. Evidently they saw that I travel a bit & so I was costing them more than they thought it would, and so now want to renege on the deal.

    Poor poor poor behaviour.

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