Season's Greetings: Get The Apostrophe Right

As is traditional for Mind Your Language, we end the year with a festive reminder. When you write Season's Greetings in an email or card, remember to include the apostrophe.

Christmas picture from Shutterstock

In this case, the logic is easy: the greetings belong to a single season, so the apostrophe goes before the final S, not after it. If apostrophes are a challenge for you, check out our detailed guide. Have a fun-filled Christmas and a spectacular 2015, and remember: accuracy matters.

Lifehacker's Mind Your Language column offers bossy advice on improving your writing.


    Or just say Merry Christmas and be done with it.

    Why should Summer and Winter get all the greetings?
    Rise up and send "Seasons' Greetings" cards all year round :P

    Ah, lovin' the ol' apostrophe errors.

    A local Hobby Shop in West Richmond had their slogan professionally done by a signwriter on their front window .... " Time wait's for no one " ™

    And it's trademarked
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

      Unless the name of the owner is like... Bill Wait
      Or Time Wait

      Timewa? it's for no one! TM.

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