Save Money Shopping Online: Buy In The US, Ship To Australia With ComGateway

Save Money Shopping Online: Buy In The US, Ship To Australia With ComGateway

The internet has revolutionised the way we shop. If you want a new tech gadget like a smartphone, tablet or laptop, or even a high-value fashion item, you don’t have to pay the high prices that Australian retail stores charge.

With an international shipping service like ComGateway, you can do your online shopping at leading US retailers’ websites and have your purchases shipped to your doorstep in Australia. ComGateway gives you a unique US shipping address to send your items to, lets you consolidate multiple purchases into one parcel to save money, and even has a concierge service that will acquire hard-to-find items and products that are excessively marked up in Australia.

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Buy In Bulk Online And Overseas To Save Even More

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The way a service like ComGateway works is simple. If you try to buy a product like a piece of clothing, technology gadget or other item from the US and ship it directly to Australia, you won't be able to -- almost all online US stores do not allow purchases by Australian addresses. When you sign up, ComGateway gives you your own US shipping addres in the tax-free state of Oregon to send your purchases directly to.

Once you've bought something online -- with the safety of your own computer and your own credit card -- you can simply send it to your ComGateway address within the US. Since the ComGateway shipping warehouse is in Portland, Oregon, you won't even pay US sales tax on your purchases making them much cheaper than an equivalent Australian product.

Any parcel at the ComGateway warehouse can then be sent straight on to your registered Australian shipping address, whether it's your home or your workplace. ComGateway's shipping rates are extremely low, too -- you'll pay a flat rate of just $24 for the first 500 grams, and then $4 for subsequent 500 gram portions. If your parcel is worth less than $1000 including ComGateway's low international shipping rates, you won't have to pay any Australian customs duty or local taxes on your purchases.

Using a US mail forwarding service like ComGateway makes perfect sense if you're stocking up on multiple items and making one big international shipping purchase. Expensive local products like vitamin supplements, which have a large Australian markup, can be purchased in bulk and efficiently shipped to your doorstep from the US. Consolidating multiple items into the one delivery is the best way to maximise your value for money, too.

Avoid The Luxury Brand Markup By Shopping Online In The US

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Luxury fashion brands like Kate Spade have sizeable mark-ups for Australian buyers, meaning that they can be bought at a relative discount simply by shopping via the US. Even when you factor in the cost of shipping to Australia via the United States, you'll be paying less versus buying from an Australian retailer. When many brands charge exorbitant prices to shoppers in Australia, their US stores remain affordable even for luxury and limited edition goods.

Many US stores offer free shipping to any US address, too, so you only pay for the parcel as it is shipped to Australia by ComGateway. That way, you only pay for the service that ComGateway offers, and you're not stuck paying for unnecessary shipping within the United States between warehouses. Fast international shipping via ComGateway's partnered courier service DHL means you're able to receive your purchases just as fast as if you had bought them online locally.

In-demand, high-tech devices like the new OnePlus One smartphone aren't widely available in Australia, but you can find them through online retailers in the US, often at prices significantly below what you'd pay an Australian retailer. When you combine that lower price with the ability to buy products that don't normally ship to our shores, the service offered by ComGateway pays for itself for high-tech enthusiasts.

Save Money On Tech And Fashion By Buying From The US

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The big advantage of buying from the US is the cost saving versus an Australian store, but convenience is also key. When you buy a product online in the United States and have it shipped to ComGateway, the warehouse will notify you instantly on its arrival. You can talk to ComGateway's Live Chat or send an email with any questions about your parcel or the ComGateway service, and you'll get a detailed response quickly.

If you have multiple items shipped, or if an online store sends a bulky parcel, ComGateway can repack it or consolidate multiple items into one shipping box. That saves you the cost of multiple postages, and also adds the convenience of a single courier delivery saving you the time and effort of waiting around for drop-offs and signing for parcels.

Some US retailers will normally not ship items to known mail forwarding services, but ComGateway's BuyForMe concierge shopping service is able to make purchases in stores or online for you, side-stepping that potential problem and giving you direct access to hard-to-find goods at the lowest possible prices. Sites and stores like Sephora, MAC Cosmetics and are only available to US buyers, and ComGateway can help with that.

These days, buying almost anything from online and bricks-and-mortar retailers in the United States is cheaper than shopping within Australia. It's just as easy as well, and fast shipping means no extended delays waiting for delivery. When you have access to the entire range of US online stores, as well as those that will only ship to US citizens, you're bound to save money and save time by shopping online with ComGateway.