Keep Wasps Away With A Brown Paper Bag

Wasps are unwelcome guests. Household Hacker recommends using a brown paper bag to trick wasps into staying away.

Some species of wasps try to avoid a pre-existing wasp's nest, so by crumpling up a brown paper sack to resemble a nest, they may be tricked into avoiding that location. This tip is hard to test and there isn't much scientific evidence behind it.

However, some companies sell commercial fake wasp nests on Amazon, and the ratings on these faux nests are pretty high. Besides, anything you can do to stack the deck in your favour against these nemeses can't hurt.

How to get rid of Wasps [YouTube via HouseholdHacker]


    Wont work in areas of Australia that are bothered with European Wasps as they nest in the ground and wont recognise an arboreal paper nest.

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