The Hidden Benefits Of Learning History

When you think about history, you probably think about dates, events and other boring information you were forced to memorise in school. Instead, you should think of history as medicine that can be prescribed to your modern problems.

When you break it down, history is a collection of solutions for any problem. Just like a good story, history is full of problems and conflict that needed to be solved. The problems of the world today are not new problems, they're just same issues with a new coat of paint. YouTube channel The School of Life explains that you can use history as a medicine for the problems you face today. You're not the first person to have problems after all. Additionally, learning history gives you something truly beneficial: perspective. Crack open a history book and you'll quickly learn that you're not having as bad of a day as you thought. History can be more than dates and dead people.

What is History for? [YouTube]


    Just beware of history bias, compounded by lack of records, dishonest reporting at the time, or even factors such as "the victor gets to write the history books" that still blind us to this day on modern events.
    There are some amazing lessons in history, Sun Tsu, Machiavelli, but even achievements by ancient Egyptians, Alexander the great's march through a desert. Darius and Jerusalem, Joan of Arc's rise to power, etc.
    If it weren't for a stroke of fate, Europe may have been wiped off the map by Mongols. The world would be very different indeed!

    The only thing that history teaches you is that some people were good, some were bad but most were stupid.

    I highly recommend Dan Carlin's hardcore History podcast. The guys is a history fan not professor so dont expect a super in depth analysis of really specific things. He does both multipart series on big events such as WWI and the Punic wars and single stand alone episodes on single subjects. The great part is he has great recommendation on where you can learn more on a particular subject.

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