IT Job Ads Declined Last Month

IT Job Ads Declined Last Month

It’s not the best time to be looking for a new role if you’re an IT pro. According to job advertising site Indeed, ads for tech positions fell by 5.8 per cent in October compared to September.

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The overall volume of ads on the site rose by 3 per cent, and some categories were up by even more: tourism vacancies rose by 7.9 per cent, presumably reflecting the imminent onset of warmer weather.

The lack of growth in tech is consistent with salaries in the sector, which have remained flat recent months.


  • Less IT Tech’s are needed as now everybody is an expert. Kids come out of school and they can code at least 1 language and make a website that looks a million $ in 15 min with tools already built into website provider’s interface. There is no need to hire staff, just ask them to get on the web and do online FREE course and hey presto, they do what you need them to and little risk of new hire being a dud. If you have to get more tech help, can get someone from India or China to do it for next to nothing. IT staff, nowadays that’s everyone on your current staff, even the cleaner can do it.

    • Oh this is just so, SO wrong. While I agree that people can just jump on the computer and everybody has the ABILITY to acquire these skills, they simply just do not do it. Most people are not bothered or do not care about how/why this stuff works, and would rather get an IT person to do it. A (not insignificant) number of people are also extremely lazy and use “I’m waiting for IT” to fix my computer as a scapegoat to use on missed deadlines or just general day to day work. A huge number of IT roles require security clearance (and for good reason).

      If you seriously think they can just get anybody to do this stuff, and that they are willing to do it, You have a lot to learn in this world my friend. The current generation entering the workforce may very well be willing to go above and beyond for tasks they are capable, but they too will succumb to the usual traps, whether that is the ‘I’m not paid to do this job so I’m not going to’ group / the ‘I hate working here and I will do as little as possible’ group, the “I’m resistant to change’ group, or a number of others that exist across all current generations in the workforce and will for this one too.

    • As someone who works as IT Staff… users who think they know what they are doing are the worst.

      The most annoying thing I hear is “I’m not an Idiot, I know what I’m doing” when you don’t.

      I know what I’m doing and If you really knew what you where doing I would not need to be resetting your password YET AGAIN! I would not have to re-image your computer again due you completely stuffing it up.

      These ‘Kids’ you talk about are Computer literate they are “IT Pros” as you call them.
      I would Love to see what happens when you give them the a Windows 2012 R2 server (Core).

    • To take it one step further – how does it compare with the same time last year – or for the last five years? 1 month does not a trend make.

  • Outsourcing has changed everything from employment to business strategy. Businesses prefer more outsourcing than hiring people for the job due to more investments they have to do. Outsourcing to Nepal, Philippines and above countries has lesser investments and bigger risk. That’s where the strategy comes as “Higher the Risk, Higher the profit” or whatever you say !

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