Warm Your Hands Before Your Next Job Interview

Keen to strike the right note when you're attending a job interview? Make sure you warm your hands first.

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Business Insider rounded up tips for making a good impression at a job interview from a recent Quora thread. Many are familiar (such as mirroring your interviewers' body language). This one stood out for us:

When you get there early, go to the bathroom and warm your hands, either under hot water or under a hand dryer. Dry, warm hands inspire confidence. Cold, clammy hands are a big unconscious turn-off.

It's a simple and sensible idea. Hit the link for more tips on making a good impression at your interview, and check out our guide to top 10 strategies for acing an interview for additional ideas.

7 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Nail Your Next Job Interview [Business Insider]


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