Briefly: No More iOS Emulators, Telstra Beefs Up Foxtel Bundles

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including a crackdown on iOS games platform emulators and changes to Telstra's Foxtel bundles.

  • Apple has long blocked the installation of game emulators on iOS, but retro enthusiasts have been able to work around that with some sneaky date-altering trickery in Safari. Now, as Mark reports over at Kotaku, it looks like that route will be blocked as well when iOS 8.1 emerges.
  • Bundling Foxtel as part of a Telstra package started to look like a bad-value deal when Foxtel recently cut prices, so it's unsurprising that Telstra is also tweaking the packages it offers. Cam at Gizmodo has the details.
  • Meanwhile, Gizmodo's Luke has been in New York for HTC's Double Exposure launch, and has spent some time checking out the new HTC Re Camera and Desire Eye.
  • It's officially smoothie season! POPSUGAR has rounded up 47 healthy recipes. Time to dust off the blender.


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