Taste Test: Does Coke Really Taste Better From A Glass Bottle? [Video]

Taste Test: Does Coke Really Taste Better From A Glass Bottle? [Video]

Last month, we put Riedel’s fancy $39.95 Coke glass through its paces in a series of Coca-Cola “taste-offs”. To our surprise, it really did improve the carbonation and overall flavour of the drink; especially when compared to an aluminium can. However, there was one receptacle that we didn’t get a chance to test — the iconic glass Coke bottle (AKA the best way to drink Coke.) Prepare for the ultimate face-off!

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For whatever reason, glass Coke bottles are widely regarded to be superior drinking vessels. Perhaps it’s due to temperature variations, or a slightly tweaked formula, or maybe the chemical composition of the glass itself. Whatever it is, Coke from a glass bottle just tastes better: it’s science. [related title=”More Taste Test articles” tag=”taste-test” items=”4″]

Unfortunately, this also happens to be the most expensive way to drink the stuff — you can expect to pay around twice as much for what is essentially an identical beverage.

And yet, plenty of people are happy to swallow this markup for the sweet satisfaction that a glass bottle brings. But what if there was another way?

At $39.95 a pop, Coca-Cola + Riedel glasses aren’t exactly cheap. However, once you’ve slapped down your hard-earned cash it can be reused again and again. For glass bottle fans, this could make it a worthwhile investment — assuming it can actually provide a similar experience.
This is where our taste-test comes in. In the below video, Danny Allen and Gizmodo’s Luke Hopewell compare tasting notes while swilling Coke from a glass bottle, Coca-Cola + Riedel glass and a can. The difference between each receptacle is very evident — but which one comes out on top? Watch and find out!


    • They did in the previous post relating to this.

      Still haven’t gotten my butt to Myer or David Jones to track one down.

      Anyone tried the coke from the aluminium bottles? My parents got me one from America 2 years ago and now i am seeing Zero and Diet in Australia (still no normal coke though), not bad but pain in the ass to get the lid off without it bubbling everywhere.

  • I think Coke tastes better in the glass bottle than plastic. I can’t really explain it but the glass seems more smooth and less gassy but not to the point its flat.

    That said, i get the glass bottles if they are on special but normally i get a slab of cans every now and again or the bottles if i have some grog but i am not a daily coke drinker.

  • In America the glass bottles are better because they are from Mexico where they use sugar as the sweetener.

  • I’m loving the new 1 litre glass bottles that Coles are carrying. $4 for 1 litre is a bit steeper than I’d like (although arguably cheaper per litre than small glass bottle you have), with cans coming second, and plastic being something I’d avoid at all costs.

  • Not coke, but I always find the biggest example of taste variation is Solo. AWESOME from a can, but fkn awful from plastic. They’ve even recognised this to the point that they make a bottle sized Man Can. Hell I’ll order a medium meal at Oporto just to make sure I get a can.

  • so a few things. depending which glass bottle you buy. There is a change in the recipe
    in the small 330ml glass bottles. If you read the label. it says carbonated PURIFIED water (it also says this on plastic bottles now days as well) but the next is what is important. in the small 330 ml it has CANE SUGAR in it. where as the plastic bottles and larger 500ml (or whatever it is) glass bottle and also the new 1 liter glass bottle has SUGAR listed. this is also the difference between mexican coke and American bottle coke. because when they use the word SUGAR its corn syrup! and that has a more harsher bite when you drink it.

  • Finally got one of the Reidel glasses today so i will do my own taste test next day or so.

      • I am loving it you can definitely taste a difference between that and any other sort of glass/plastic cup, I now won’t drink coke out of anything but the Reidel glass which is a good thing as it is cutting down my coke intake by a lot.

        You can notice a lot less carbonation when drinking from it (my wife commented that it tasted flat to her but i did not notice it) which makes the flavour of coke stand out a lot more.

        I have tried glass/can/plastic bottle in the glass and none of them taste differently when drinking from the Reidel however the taste difference is massive when drinking straight from these. I had never paid close to attention to how different they all taste and it makes you wonder what is the most accurate tasting.

        Yet to try Coke Zero or Diet Coke in the glass but i will try and get around to that next few day’s to see if they are different but i cannot see why they won’t be.

        Was it worth the $39.95 i spent so far yes i am more than pleased with how the glass is, i am also finding myself spending less on coke at work than before i had the glass mainly due to it tasting no where near as good (also have no where close by that sells coke in a glass bottle) which is the only other way i will have it.

        If anyone want’s to suggest other drinks other than Diet and Zero let me know and i will see what the difference in taste is like, Reading the previous comments i may very well see what the difference with Solo is like in can/bottle and the Reidel glass.

  • Results are in Coke Zero actually tastes quite alright in the glass.
    Also i tried Solo from a 600ml plastic bottle the other day and found quite a difference from bottle to glass, i will track down a can one day soon though.

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