Taste Test: Does Coke Really Taste Better From A Glass Bottle? [Video]

Last month, we put Riedel’s fancy $39.95 Coke glass through its paces in a series of Coca-Cola “taste-offs”. To our surprise, it really did improve the carbonation and overall flavour of the drink; especially when compared to an aluminium can. However, there was one receptacle that we didn’t get a chance to test — the iconic glass Coke bottle (AKA the best way to drink Coke.) Prepare for the ultimate face-off!

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For whatever reason, glass Coke bottles are widely regarded to be superior drinking vessels. Perhaps it’s due to temperature variations, or a slightly tweaked formula, or maybe the chemical composition of the glass itself. Whatever it is, Coke from a glass bottle just tastes better: it’s science. [related title=”More Taste Test articles” tag=”taste-test” items=”4″]

Unfortunately, this also happens to be the most expensive way to drink the stuff — you can expect to pay around twice as much for what is essentially an identical beverage.

And yet, plenty of people are happy to swallow this markup for the sweet satisfaction that a glass bottle brings. But what if there was another way?

At $39.95 a pop, Coca-Cola + Riedel glasses aren’t exactly cheap. However, once you’ve slapped down your hard-earned cash it can be reused again and again. For glass bottle fans, this could make it a worthwhile investment — assuming it can actually provide a similar experience.
This is where our taste-test comes in. In the below video, Danny Allen and Gizmodo’s Luke Hopewell compare tasting notes while swilling Coke from a glass bottle, Coca-Cola + Riedel glass and a can. The difference between each receptacle is very evident — but which one comes out on top? Watch and find out!

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