Make Your Own Portable Battery Pack With A Longer-Lasting Charge

Portable battery packs for your smartphone or tablet are handy. You could buy one, but you can save money by making your own.

Newer devices can draw a lot of power — so a bigger case can get you more juice. Lenmar Enterprises’ guide uses a plastic bar soap container instead of the small tin and is much easier to make to boot. The plastic container closes tight and can hold more batteries.

Check the video for full details.

DIY: Make your own portable battery pack [YouTube]


  • For the love of all that is holy make sure you get 1.25V batteries! Most AA batteries are 1.5V and thus combined will push 6V instead of 5V. I doubt it will destroy anything but better safe than ringing up about warranty…

      • Yes that also an option but it’s simpler to just use the “right” batteries. I personally find it just worrying that this how-to didn’t even mention the danger though, it just said “use rechargeable batteries”. Not even sternly, just as if it’s an optional extra!

        If he wanted to make something actually cool, double the number of batteries and go buy the cheapest USB cigarette lighter charger you can get ($2 AU for a tiny one) and you’ll have something much bigger but much, much safer, that will also take normal AA’s or any other normal 12v supply in a pinch.

        Heck if you get a USB Booster chip (Adafruit sell an awesome one for $10 if you don’t know how to make one) that’ll take anything from 1.8v through to 12v and give you 5v at 1A+. I have one on hand for all sorts of occasions, never know when you’ll need 5v.

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