How Spelling Mistakes Will Ruin Your Amusing GIFs

There's an animated GIF doing the rounds which sums up the plot of every episode of TV medical drama House. It's pointed and cruel and funny — but the effect was ruined for me by a spelling mistake in one of the captions.

Here's the full GIF (via TheHarveySpecter on Imgur):

I can just about live with the complete lack of capitalisation, even on the word 'I'. It might be deemed a stylistic decision. But I can't live with this sentence describing James Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard): i to am in this episode. The word required here is too.

Learning the difference between to and too is vital: this isn't a distinction you can write off as something you'll never encounter. Accuracy matters.

Lifehacker's Mind Your Language column offers bossy advice on improving your writing.


    Definition of ANALITY
    : the psychological state or quality of being anal... :)

    Accuracy matters.
    If that were true, then you wouldnt have said "I can just about live with the complete lack of capitalisation, even on the word ā€˜Iā€™.".

    Moreso, many of the Allure site articles have grammar and spelling errors all over the place, a clear sign that accuracy is not something that matters much to everyone, even those in the media space who write for a living.

      Grammar and spelling are one thing, this is using the wrong word. Every time I encounter the use of 'to' where 'too' was required my blood pressure ratchets up another notch.

        It is completly rediculous the way people play fast and lose with words thesedays.

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