Silent Tab Opens Links In New Tabs But Doesn’t Load Them

Silent Tab Opens Links In New Tabs But Doesn’t Load Them

Firefox: It’s annoying to open a YouTube link in a new tab and have it start playing right away, while you still want to browse your current page. Silent Tab is a simple fix for this common frustration.

The Firefox extension introduces a new option in the right-click context menu of any link: “Open Link in Silent Tab”. Click that and the link will be opened in a new tab, but it won’t load till you focus on that tab. As soon as you focus, it auto-loads. Simple and efficient.

Silent Tab [Mozilla Add-Ons via AddictiveTips]


  • You know what they just need to do? Make it so you can mute Flash, by default!

    All these extensions to mute tabe, and silent tabs, and even stopping flash alltogether, wouldn’t (in some cases) be needed if we just had the ability to control what this POS plugin does to our system.

  • Thanks, this should be quite useful. I’ll install now and see. Firefox has been my default browser for years and still love it more than Chrome (because Google likes to spy on you, and IE is a piece of turd).

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