Briefly: Tigerair Sale, Brazilian 101, Predestination Trailer

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: Get cheap flights from Tigerair, watch the Predestination trailer, bikini waxing styles explained.

  • Tigerair’s "Christmas in July" sale ends at midnight tonight, with a range of discounted summer flights on offer. Short haul flights on on sale from $30 each way, medium trips from $45 each way and longer distance flights from $69 each way. Head to TigerAir's website for the full range of deals.
  • The US military has been working on a range of autonomous vehicles that can successfully navigate a battlefield. Click here to see one in action.
  • Whoever came up with the saying "beauty is pain" was probably in the process of getting a bikini wax. Before you or your partner schedules another appointment, check out POPSUGAR Beauty's decoding of waxing styles to see what's on the menu.
  • Gizmodo has reviewed the retro-futuristic Braven BRV-X bluetooth speaker. Click here to read their verdict.
  • Predestination is a new sci-fi movie starring Ethan Hawke about future cops fighting to preserve order in the universe. It looks like the perfect blend of Minority Report and Looper. Here's the trailer.


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