Lifehacker’s Complete Guide To Saving On ATM Fees

You can use just about any ATM with just about any account in Australia, which is great if you need cash in a hurry. That can be a costly exercise, however, so it’s well worth keeping in mind which ATMs you can use without incurring extra fees.

We’ve listed the main banks and their arrangements for fee-free access below. It’s always sensible to minimise your banking fees wherever possible, so using a compatible ATM makes a lot of sense. ATMs are required by law to inform you of additional fees that may apply when using them, allowing you to exit gracefully if you feel the fee is too high

A few caveats do apply to these guidelines, however, depending on your account type. Many lower cost accounts severely limit the number of ATM withdrawals you can make in a calendar month, or require you to either withdraw over a set amount (as ING does) or have a minimum account balance to qualify for free ATM withdrawals.

Bear in mind also that some accounts may offer credit card services for free but not ATM withdrawals, so it’s feasible to save some money paying by card instead of cash, as long as your merchant of choice isn’t popping a credit card surcharge on your transaction.

Bank Fee Free ATMs available      
Commonwealth Bank Commonwealth Bankwest
Westpac Westpac St George Bank SA Bank Of Melbourne
NAB NAB rediATM Bank of Queensland
ANZ ANZ      
Rediteller Credit Unions rediATM    
Bendigo Bank Bendigo Bank Suncorp    
Bank of Queensland Bank of Queensland rediATM
St George St George Westpac Bank SA  
Suncorp Metway Suncorp Bendigo Bank
Teachers Mutual Bank rediATM NAB Bank Of Queensland  
ING Withdrawals over $200 have fee refunded
Bankwest Bankwest Commonwealth    
Bank SA Bank SA Westpac St George Bank Of Melbourne
Bank Of Melbourne Bank Of Melbourne Westpac Bank SA St George

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