Keep Your Toilet Seat Nice And Warm With Socks

Keep Your Toilet Seat Nice and Warm with Socks

Winter weather can make going to the bathroom a little unpleasant. Even in a heated household, toilet seats can get a bit chilly. The solution? How-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa suggests sliding on some socks.

Instead of your feet, slide one sock on each side of the toilet seat. Obviously little ankle socks are not going to cut it — you need the long kind. This way your bare buttocks will come in contact with comfy fabric instead of cold plastic or porcelain.

Of course, you must keep cleanliness in mind. Don't keep those socks on there too long or they will get all kinds of nasty bacteria on them. Use them to warm your butt, but change them up regularly!

12 Cold Weather Hacks to Get You Through the Rest of the Winter Season [WonderHowTo]


    I've traveled to many places, but have never seen a residential toilet with this style seat.

    Don’t keep those socks on there too long or they will get all kinds of nasty bacteria on themThis says it all for me... No way in hell am I gonna sit on a seat covered with socks, particularly if someone else was in there first... Bloody stupid idea...!!

    This is a joke, right? Not only are those toilet seats only found in public toilets, but that's pretty disgusting. I know that toilet seats don't have as much bacteria on them when compared to something like the kitchen sink (because generally the seat hasn't got enough moister for bacteria to grow whereas as a sink does), but that's just gross. Wouldn't the socks soak up butt sweat and any wayward drips of urine? So essentially you'd be sitting on warm pads of other people's bodily fluids. D: I think I'd rather a cold toilet seat, thanks...

    Or you know you could grow a pair and get over the whole cold ass thing

    Or just use 1 of these
    I have seen at 1 of my mates house..

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