How Trend Micro Mobile Security Stops Threats Before They Reach Your Phone

We bank on our phones. We give our tablets credit card details. No wonder mobile malware and phishing are on the rise. Security pioneer Trend Micro has responded with its most advanced iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle apps yet: cloud-based protection against viruses, spyware, data-theft and malware. You also get new lost device (remote locate, wipe) and online backup tools included. Take a look…

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The free version does not require a credit card and includes antivirus, 50MB of cloud storage, privacy scanner for Facebook and a 30 day trial of premium features. After 30 days you can upgrade to the premium version or keep using the free features.

Multi-Device License: Thinking of moving from iOS to Android or visa versa? No problem, Trend Micro Mobile security lets you easily transfer your license.

Titanium Maximum Security: Trend Micro for PCs includes free activation of Trend Mobile Security for one mobile device.

Safer Surfing

With Apple casting a close eye over App Store submissions, phishing is likely more of a risk than malware if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. Such attempts to obtain your sensitive passwords, usernames and bank details can happen in a variety of ways, particularly with fake websites and emails or links. No less so on Android.

Thankfully, Trend Micro Mobile Security uses the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network to actively monitor and block malicious websites. There’s also an in-app web browser for secure access to test out links to sites that you’re not sure about. You can easily modify the protection strength level and notifications at any time.

There’s also a great little tool that helps you ensure your Facebook privacy settings are not at risk — and that you’re happy with your level of protection. On Android, you can even block unwanted calls and texts.



Lost Or Stolen Device Protection

Losing your phone is terrible, and having it stolen is even worse. Trend Micro Security lets you track your Android device (and secure your personal data) using:

Remote Locate: Find your device on a Google map using GPS, Cell Towers or Wi-Fi.
Last Known Location: Useful when the following take place: SIM removal, SIM replacement, phone restart
Remote Scream: Trigger an alarm on your device — even if it’s set to silent.
Remote Lock: Lock your device from afar until your Trend Micro password is entered.
Remote Wipe: So your device automatically locks if the SIM is removed

For iPhone and iPad users, Trend Micro Mobile Security gives your extra device-location features, including an exact map, via web application, highlighting your device’s location.

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