What To Pack Generates A Quick Checklist Of Travel Essentials

What To Pack Generates a Quick Checklist of Travel Essentials

Web: It's always a good idea to have a checklist when you are travelling so you don't forget anything, but creatimg one can be a hassle. What To Pack is a simple Web app that auto-generates a starter checklist based on your requirements.

First you need to set your preferences: male or female, how many days you are going for, what your destination's climate is like, if it's domestic or international, and what kind of stay you are planning (skiing, business, beach, camping). Based on this, What To Pack generates a packing list across categories including clothing, money and documents, equipment, electronics, beach and many more. Select the items you want to include in your final checklist and hit the 'Print List' button to get only those items in a checklist that you can tick off.

What To Pack [via AddictiveTips]


    Not a bad idea, but I don't think they've done their research.
    Who in their right mind would take sheets and a blow-up mattress on an international trip?
    And if you're going for 14 days, you absolutely don't need 14 pairs of underwear, 3 pairs of trousers, 4 jumpers, and two pairs of walking shoes! Take four pairs of underwear and wash them in the shower. You only need one jumper, one pair of shoes, and one or two pairs of pants.

    Sites I can't recommend highly enough: http://www.onebag.com and http://www.snarkynomad.com

    Doesn't work in chrome... and where am I going? not beach? not skiing? not business? or caming? they seem to be missing a few options.... there is better option out there in the play store which actually looks at the time of year you are going to the place you are going and what you're going there for.. its a lil too vague for my liking.

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