The Best Bookmarklets To Make Mobile Browsing Less Annoying

Bookmarklets are great for adding functionality to your browser without the hassle of extensions. They also happen to work very on mobile browsers such as Safari and Chrome. With them, you can add a button to instantly fix smartphone browser problems and send a page to various services, change font sizes, and much more. Here’s a list of some of the most useful bookmarklets.

Bookmarklets are small pieces of code that run on a page when you click on them. They work on any browser, whether mobile or desktop, which means they’re a simple way to make your smartphone’s browser a lot more useful.

It’s easy to add bookmarklets manually to Safari and Chrome. You can also sync your bookmarks across devices and add bookmarklets from your desktop (Chrome/Safari instructions) so they show up on your smartphone.

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Make Pages More Readable With Readability

install the bookmarklet

Send To Pocket/Kindle/Instapaper






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Change Font Sizes

Font smaller:

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Font larger:

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Use LastPass On Mobile

Lastpass is awesome for keeping your passwords safe, but it's problematic when you're working on mobile because you don't usually know your passwords. The Lastpass bookmarklets make it so you can use the Lastpass login, autofill, and form fill functions on your iOS device. Just head to and click Settings > Bookmarklets to get your bookmarklet scripts.