How To Remove Ransomware From An Android Phone

Malware is an issue on Android phones, and one of the nastiest variants is "ransomware": software that locks up your phone and demands a payment before it can be restored. If that happens to you, there are ways to rescue the phone.

Picture: Daniel Kulinski

Naked Security has a handy overview of tactics you can use to remove ransomware. Generally this involves booting into "safe mode" — the annoying aspect is that how you do that varies from device to device. Note also that this won't help if you've rooted the device. Hit the post for a much more extensive discussion.

First Aid for Android: How to unlock your ransomed phone [Naked Security]


    If you have a rooted phone, you could always try to remove the ransomware with adb

    You will need to have had activated adb before the ransomware was installed (And know the name of the app that is causing the problem)

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