My.Com Offers Mobile-Only, SMS-Authenticated Email And Cloud Storage

My.Com Offers Mobile-Only, SMS-Authenticated Email And Cloud Storage

Android/iOS: If you’re looking for a new (or alternative) email address, or just a way to get a lot of free cloud storage,’s new mobile-only email service gives you an address on the domain, and it comes with 150GB of storage as well.

The service is built exclusively for smartphones and tablets, with native apps for iOS and for Android. Like any email service, the apps provide customisable push notifications when you get new messages, and along with your account, you get 150GB of storage for your emails, attachments and files. The down-side is that you have to upload those files through the app as attachments to make use of the storage, and there’s no desktop access to the storage or the service right now, which is a definite bummer. is actually a service from the folks at; the new mobile-only service actually eschews passwords to access your account in favour of SMS-based authentication. In short, when you try to log in to your account, the service will ask you a question and send you a passcode to the registered phone number. You use the temporary passcode to log in. It’s an interesting approach to security — one that works better if you’re using on a tablet or another device and use your phone as a second factor.

myMail (Free) [iTunes App Store]

myMail (Free) [Google Play via myMail]

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