Firefox Gets A Brand New, Even More Customisable Design

Firefox Gets a Brand New, Even More Customisable Design

Firefox's long-awaited redesign is finally available to all, with the latest version also offering a few improvements to customisation and Firefox Sync.

The new design looks pretty darn Chrome-like, what with the curved tabs and the right-hand "hamburger" menu. The menu, however, is more customisable than before, letting you drag and drop your most used items around and even add them to the toolbar. It may take some getting used to if you prefer traditional drop-down menus, but it's nice to have more customisability in an already insanely customisable browser. And, you can always turn the traditional File/Edit/View toolbar back on if you prefer it.

Mozilla has also made Firefox Sync easier to set up (thank God) with Firefox accounts.

Other than that, everything's pretty similar to before — just moved around a bit. Check out the video above to see it in action, the post below for more, or head to Firefox's About menu to update it to the latest version.

Mozilla Introduces the Most Customisable Firefox Ever With an Elegant New Design [The Mozilla Blog]


    Did they do a deal with Google to allow them to "borrow" some of these features...?
    I'm an avid Firefox user, and I quite like it...! :)

    the only reason i still use Firefox is because it had tabs on the bottom :(... chrome it is then i guess

    Last edited 30/04/14 2:48 pm

      Might not be want you want.. by my Firefox looks like Firefox 2..
      - File Menu
      - Navigation/Address Bar
      - Tabs
      There's a setting in about:config, something about tabsontop or something that puts the tabs below the address bar. Not sure if this works in the latest design.

    Is that his real voice? Or he talking like Kermit the Frog for a reason?

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