Developers Can Now Submit Windows Universal Apps

Developers Can Now Submit Windows Universal Apps

Earlier this month, Microsoft outlined the concept of universal apps which can run on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 developers. From today, Microsoft is accepting submissions for universal apps.

As part of that process, Microsoft has made Windows Phone 8.1 available to registered developers. To build universal apps, you’ll also need to install Visual Studio Update 2 RC.

Given that universal apps will only run on Windows Phone 8.1 and that hasn’t gone into general release yet, there’s probably no mad rush to do this, but it could be a tempting route for Windows Phone developers seeking to expand into potentially more lucrative desktop apps. Hit the link below for more.

Dev Center now open for Windows Phone 8.1 and universal Windows app submissions [Building Apps For Windows]


  • More excuses for bad ports? I’m not sure why any developer would target just win8.1 and wp8.1 at this point. Win 7/xp are still going strong and android/iOS are very popular so at this point in time it is really just a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. Unity and other sdks give a wider is selection with higher marke share.

    • Hi Steveo, since you appear to be offended by Microsoft’s efforts to unify their app experience what would you suggest that Microsoft do? Just volunteer itself and it’s services to Google and Apple? I for one am overjoyed that I can now experience the same app on both a desktop and a phone for the one price. Do you understand that Apple and Google have had this from day one? Have you been moaning about what a wasted effort was made by those companies to offer a cohesive ecosystem? And then did MS hold a gun to your head and force you to develop for them? Sheesh, don’t like it, don’t use it. At least sirjay had the mental fortitude to not try and make a meaningful statement.

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