Inevitable: Phishing That Pretends To Be

Inevitable: Phishing That Pretends To Be

Phishing mails will use any pretext to try and persuade you to open a malicious attachment. From that perspective, the appearance of a mail pretending to be a approval request should not have surprised me.

I don’t use, it doesn’t send approval requests as ZIP files, and I’m never going to be allowed to file for $8073.64 in expenses. This is a highly unsubtle phish that would be easily caught by any decent mail filtering system — but I suspect it will catch someone out at some point.


  • > Angus Kidman received a spam email
    > Posts as news

    Fucking bang up journalism man. Bleeding edge stuff.

      • I didn’t hear you say I was wrong haha. Maybe spam is news to you – spam catchers are pretty good these days so most people don’t even notice it working. Maybe you have lived your life free from spam, and now, are shocked to hear about this travesty to the email system.


        • I guess I don’t think of LifeHacker as a ‘news’ site – to me, a tiny post about phishing is exactly the kind of thing that belongs here. It points out a new thing to look out for, then quickly and humbly moves on.

          Genuine question – are you aware of how abrasive your comments can come across? You seem friendly enough when pressed.

          • I’m quite opinionated, and am all too aware of this, along with my other flaws.. But at the same time, I truly believe that more people that challenge peoples beliefs and conceptions is exactly what the world needs.

            … Or maybe not more.. Maybe just me alone will be enough, i’m pretty loud ^_^

          • Haha. I’m all for saying what we mean, but I also find that if you’re voicing an opinion in the hopes that people will listen openly, not immediately putting them on the defensive is a good start. There’s a lot of ways to get a point across without reaching for sarcasm and vitriol first, ya know?

          • Keeping in mind this is the same EDITOR that posts articles about grammar – while the site is consistently riddled with basic proof reading related typo’s.. And keeping in mind I have 1000 posts on most of these sites..

            I just live in constant hope that this sensationalist media (like this, a non-event, literally blown up into an “article”) can be ditched and we can return to a time where journalists cared about their work – where they were concerned about the content not the hype.

            … Though I will also say I am usually at least a bit more veiled in my approach haha – I did find this article particularly stupid (though I respect your viewpoint). My positive action plan in this regard to this character flaw in myself is essentially to talk more about the positive things – and in recent weeks have taken the opportunity to shout out to some very good media (because they have some great writers, and some that are universally mocked to one degree or another).

            Edit: I do also realize that there’s probably a fair amount of politics and company pressure involved.. But I think they also need to get the same message.

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