Include Your Certifications In The Email Subject When Applying For A Job

If you're sending a job application via email (or via an email form), there's a risk no-one will ever see beyond the subject line. One way to stand out? Mention relevant certifications in the subject.

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Business Insider rounds up a series of suggestions on how to compose an attention-catching job -seeking email subject, sourced from career consultant Amanda Augustine. Most of the suggestions are familiar — be concise, use the right keywords, avoid using all caps, and include your own name and the position. But this idea does seem worth exploring for tech roles:

List your designations to show that you're qualified. The subject line should be a place to distinguish yourself and immediately catch a recruiter's eye. Augustine recommends including any acronyms you have that are pertinent to the job.

Not every job requires you to be an MCSE, but if that's relevant, there's no harm in highlighting it right away.

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