Download The Source Code For MS-DOS And Word For Windows Right Now

Download The Source Code For MS-DOS And Word For Windows Right Now

So this is unexpected and very cool: Microsoft has released the source code for the original versions of MS-DOS and Word for Windows.

OK, the chances are you’re not going to find too many immediately useful bits of code in software developed in 1982 and 1990 respectively. But if you’re a geek of a certain age, this is still an impressive moment. Note that the code can only be repurposed for non-commercial use: no selling Word for Windows for iPad, OK?

Computer History Museum [via Official Microsoft Blog]


    • No. You can’t.

      You may use, copy, compile, and create Derivative Works of the software, and run the software and Derivative Works on simulators or hardware solely for non-commercial research, experimentation, and educational purposes. Examples of non-commercial uses are teaching, academic research, public demonstrations, and personal experimentation. “Derivative Works” means modifications to the software, in source code or object code form, made by you pursuant to this agreement.

      You may copy and refer to any documentation provided as part of the software.

      You may not distribute or publish the software or Derivative Works.

      You may not use or test the software to provide a commercial service unless Microsoft permits you to do so under another agreement.

      You may publish and present papers or articles on the results of your research, and while distribution of all or substantial portions of the software is not permitted, you may include in any such publication or presentation an excerpt of up to fifty (50) lines of code for illustration purposes.

      Emphasis mine. Giving away falls afoul of the license.

  • Id point out that the MS DOS source code is all in assembly language, so you will need to break out your x86 assembly programming textbooks to do anything with it

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