How To Avoid Getting Those Last Drops Of Urine In Your Pants (For Men)

Guys: tell me if this sounds familiar. You're going to the bathroom, everything is going fine, and as soon as you've...stowed everything, your body decides to rebel and release its last few drops of urine into your pants. Next time, try this trick.

You'd think this shouldn't be a problem but for some of us, things just don't (ahem) shake out the way you'd like. So, from now on: every time you urinate, after you're finished, press on your perineum — that is, the area between your testicles and anus — and then shake. This will ensure the last bit gets out before you put everything away.

I don't know if there's a female version of this (though my coworkers tell me this sounds like a gender-specific issue), but if you have any of your own tips — male or female — share them below.

Guys, TIL That After You Pee... [Reddit]


    Girls just have to press on their twitter. The area between their twat and their shitter.

      you mean the 'taint' - coz it aint their vag and it aint their ass

    Don't know about you guys, but I bathe in my bathroom and piss in my toilet.

      Bathroom is politely ambiguous. Bathroom is to toilet as toilet is to shithouse as shithouse is to 'I'm going to go have diarrhea'.

      I suppose the point is moot given the subject of this article but it just becomes the default word.

      Last edited 05/02/14 9:29 am

      You'll want to keep living in old houses then. Most new houses have the one combined room.


        Last edited 18/06/15 9:25 am

          Ugh yes, and it's horrible, especially when the sink isn't in the same room as the toilet. And they always seem to make the toilet as small as possible, which makes one a bit claustrophobic.

      The saying comes mostly from American origins where more often than not, the toilet is in the bathroom. In Australia, at least with free standing houses, the toilet is usually in a separate room to the rest of the bathroom (apartments are another story).

      I'm with you Smokey. If there's no bath in there, it's not a bathroom.

    No matter how much you shake and dance,
    The last few drops go in your pants.

    I don't have to pee yet but I'm off to the toilet to try it now............I've not been this exited to go pee since I read every mammal takes 21 seconds to pee.

      "Plus or minus 13 seconds", which makes it 8 seconds to 34 seconds, which is a lot less impressive statistically speaking. And "Every mammal over 1kg".

    So.... how do you do this at a public urinal...?
    I generally don't pull my pants down to pee at a urinal, so reaching up under the boys to press is going to look awkward at best, and really creepy at worst...! :)

      You can press through your pants from the outside. Depending on your grip, your hands are probably near there anyway so it doesn't look much different to normal.

        Not that anyone should be looking anyway. Everyone knows the urinal rules; eyes up at all times!

          And if someone does give you a funny look you can always enlighten them in the ways of remaining drip free

        Eh... I predominately wear jeans, which makes doing that a bit tight.... :)

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    Or the other method you can use is after youve drained the main vain, you grab your bell-end through your pocket and let your pocket absorb the damage rather then the front of your nicely fitted work pants.

      Remind me not to accept anything you take out of your pocket to give to me.

    Ever since I done my back a few months ago, my doctor told me I can't lift any thing over 5kg's.... So I have to pee sitting down these days. Not sure how I'm gonna reach my perineum while on the can...

      Surely not lifting anything over 5kg's doesn't include your own body though?

        He's making a joke about how big and heavy his something is.

    I have a nice idea which seems to work for me all the time :)
    I usually fold a couple of sheets of tissue and let that stay between. Each time this tissue will absorb the last few drops which is better. And in many cases, you could ready a new strip before you take a leak, swap that for the old one ;)

    Just put on a condom after you urinate. It will catch any excess urine and you'll be ready once the women flock to your newly piss stainless pantsed self.

    I came here for some real advice, all I got was all of you taking the piss.

    Try mens depend from any good supermarket

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