SwipeSelection Pro Adds Custom Options To The Text Editing Tweak

iOS (Jailbreak): One of the more popular jailbreak apps, SwipeSelection, has a new Pro version out. It's compatible with iOS 7 and has a heap of options to customise how the speedy text selection app works.

SwipeSelection is one of those apps that inspires people to jailbreak, and SwipeSelection Pro adds the ability to customise how the app works. The tool allows you to swipe along the keyboard to move the text cursor around, making it significantly easier to edit large blocks of text. The pro version adds a new option menu where you can alter sensitivity, the speed, and other settings. The free version still exists, but you don't get the options menu to customise how it works.

SwipeSelection Pro ($1.99) [Big Boss Repository]


    Is there a tweak or other way to do text entry via swiping (similar to many Android keyboards)? Hate pecking at the iPad after swiping on my Android for the last few years.

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