SwipeSelection Speeds Up Text Editing On iPad

SwipeSelection Speeds Up Text Editing On iPad

iOS (Jailbroken): It’s not easy to edit text on an iPad — you have to hunt and peck awkwardly on the screen to make a selection or place a cursor. SwipeSelection is a simple jailbreak tool that adds gestures on the keyboard that make navigating text easy.

SwipeSelection is based on a concept video created by Daniel Hooper, and its implementation is similar. You can slide one finger around on the keyboard to change the cursor location, or hold shift and do the same thing to select a block of text. It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the cumbersome task of editing text on the iPad considerably easier. SwipeSelection is a free download, and you can find it in the Big Boss Repository.

SwipeSelection [Big Boss Repository via iDownloadBlog]


  • I like how this is news when my android tablet has had this function (or something similar) since I bought it.
    This will be much better, though, if Apple takes note and makes it an option without the need to jailbreak.

    • Do you know what this is called? I went from iPhone to Android and I miss this Feature the most. i have the galaxy not 2. The one in the shop seemed to have this feature but I can’t seem to find it on the options.

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