Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Development Tool

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Best Development Tool

Time for another winner in the 2013 Lifehacker Awards. Our second category today is best development tool. And the winner is . . .

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Readers’ Choice: Notepad++

Notepad++ easily dominated this category, proving that a well-equipped text editor remains an essential in every programming arsenal. Notepad++ is our pick for the best programing text editor for Windows, and it’s hard to argue with the handy price of free.

Editor’s Pick: Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome’s constant updates don’t just make browsing easier for the casual user: they also incorporate an ever-growing set of useful developer resources. From the built-in Javascript console to performance tweaking, it’s an incredibly handy kit to have around.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.


  • Notepad++ might be a good text editor, but it is fairly terrible at writing code. Maybe I am just spoiled with my real IDE’s.

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