Dealing With A Slow Chrome On Android? Developer Tools Could Be At Fault

As simple as a browser may appear, if you pull back the layers, you'll find a bunch of hidden settings just waiting to be played with. Unfortunately, these options can sometimes have a negative impact on your web experience. Take Chrome on Android and its developer tools — if you've noticed a drop in performance with this browser, these tucked-away tweaks could be responsible.

An article over on gHacks covers the developer tools page and the settings you need to look for — specifically "Enable Tilt Scrolling" and "Enable USB Web debugging". It recommends disabling these if they're switched on (and you're not using them) as they can make the browser slower than it should be.

There's also a tip for Google Now users dealing with lacklustre performance — if you're interested, head on over to gHacks for more information.

Fix slow Google Chrome and Google Now on Android [gHacks]


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