The Cheapest Ways To Buy Windows 8.1

The official price for the standard edition of Windows 8.1 for new users in Australia is $149, but you don't have to pay that much. Here are the best bargain deals we've found.

  • Officeworks is selling Windows 8.1 for $129. It also has the Pro edition for $366, rather than $399.
  • Several stores are selling the OEM edition for sub-$129 prices, including ARC Computers, IT Estate and iTech. Technically, however, this is only supposed to be sold with a new computer, not on its own. You'll also need to factor in postage, which makes Officeworks arguably a better bet.
  • We'll remind students that they can acquire the Pro edition 8.1 for $69.99 — a huge saving if you're eligible.

Remember: if you're using Windows 8 already, 8.1 is a free upgrade. It's only users of older versions who have to pay.

Spotted a bargain we haven't? Tell us in the comments and we'll add it.


    Know a teacher working in the DEC and the upgrade edition's price goes down to $25!

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    Another option would be to buy the standard Windows 8 upgrade from office works

    and then do the free upgrade to 8.1

    Big <3 for massive student discounts from MS.

      Anyone got a link for the download? I can't see it in the Windows store

        This one?

    Unfortunately from my quick hunt around, the Window 8 Pro Upgrade isn't in stock at OfficeWorks, nor is it available from their online store.

      Indeed. A handful of stores say to call and check for stock, so you might get lucky, but it's unlikely. (Technically, that upgrade pricing offer ended in January this year.)

    Except Officeworks are pretty much sold out of Windows 8 in most stores (except regional ones) so the free upgrade to 8.1 would involve a long drive to the outback,

    Can you still do that $15 upgrade? I bought a laptop last year but never bought Win8 for $15.

    Yes, Officeworks was the cheapest way to do it that I found. I was told that their Fairymeadow branch still had some of the $68 upgrade to 8.1 Pro, so I jumped on my motorbike and went down and got one. $15 in petrol and a nice ride to boot !

    8.1 is now installed and working ok, except I had a drama with the LG Blu-ray writer (GGW-H20L)churning away for no reason and holding up the install. I found if I ejected and held the tray out manually it let the update proceed, but at every boot up since then I could hear the LG trying to work and the light flashing continuously. Disconnected the drive, rebooted and it was ok on the next reconnect but then the problem kept coming back. Eventually swapped it with another LG Blu-ray writer (BH-12LS38) from another 8.1 system and they're both working fine now. Weird.

    Major disappointment you can't upgrade from a disc as the codes for 8.1 is different from 8 on CD. I don't want to have to download each and every time I update a clients PC especially since I moved my internet isn't as good. Also I had a client that just put in 15 systems with Windows 8. at around 3.7Gb download via the Store that is around 55Gb to update them all.

    Wasn't sure if this had posted before as a Guest.
    Just wondering if anyone has tried buying the Windows 8 Pro disc for $68 and then upgrading? Would be a great way to save. I read about it on here$68-if-you-sneaky-still-legal.html but none of the posters had actually tried it.

    in fact, you could get the cheapest windows 8.1 from
    start from $30, save about 60%.

    There is the full version (not upgrade) available from for $73, if you don't have Windows 7.

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