The Adafruit Trinket Is A Tiny, Versatile Microcontroller

The Adafruit Trinket Is a Tiny, Versatile Microcontroller

You've got all kinds of choices for microcontrollers for your DIY projects. Adafruit's newest option, the Trinket, is a tiny, Arduino-powered board that fits on your fingertip.

The Adafruit Tinket is powered with an ATtiny85, and has the Arduino IDE so it can function essentially like a tiny Arduino board. That means you can upload small programs via USB, and it runs off very little power so it can keep going for a long time. It's a capable little board all things considered, and if you're in need of something very small for your projects it's worth a look.

Adafruit Trinket [Adafruit]


    We have the full Trinket range locally in Australia:

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