Instagram On BlackBerry? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Instagram On BlackBerry? Don’t Hold Your Breath

BlackBerry 10 boasts more than 131,000 apps, but picture sharing app Instagram is one of the more notable omissions. Unfortunately, the signs of it appearing aren’t promising.

Picture: Rachael Bolton

Alec Saunders, VP of developer relations at BlackBerry, said that BlackBerry had engaged in extended dialogue with the Instagram team, but nothing has resulted. “We have had so many conversations with Instagram and made many different offers of ways to somehow work with it,” he told Lifehacker. While BlackBerry and Instagram owner Facebook co-operated on a native BB10 Facebook client, that didn’t extend to work on Instagram.

At this stage, Saunders doesn’t seem confident anything will happen. “I would encourage people who own a BlackBerry and want to share photos to find an alternative,” he said. Saunders points out that while Instagram accounts for around 11 per cent of photos shared online, Facebook accounts for more than 40 per cent.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman attended BlackBerry Jam Asia as a guest of BlackBerry.