How To Make Your Own Self-Freezing Coke [Video]

Last week, we taste-tested Coca-Cola’s Ice Up “self-freezing” Coke contraption. The machines are a bit of a rarity in some areas but despair not! This video shows how you can create your own slushy beverage in the comfort of your own home.

The King Of Random has released a video that shows how you can “insta-freeze” a normal looking bottle of soft drink as if by command. The trick is to keep it in the freezer for just the right amount of time — around 3 1/2 hours at -24 degrees for 500ml bottles.

To make the experiment work, you need to hit that magic moment just before the liquid begins to freeze solid. If you gauge it right, the bottle’s contents will look completely normal until you untwist the cap and upend the bottle.

“This is because the forming ice crystals will be moved around the length of the bottle, and trigger nucleation for the rest of the soda,” the website explains.

Watch the above video to see the process in action — it truly is an impressive little party trick.

[Via WonderHowTo]

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